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This is the EXIN DevOps Master™ (DEVOPSM.EN) sample exam. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is correct.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 50. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. You need 33 points or more to pass the exam.

The time allowed for this exam is 120 minutes.

Good luck!

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What is a good reason to implement DevOps in an organization?


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The CTO thinks that it would be most effective to apply certain Lean concepts when implementing DevOps.

Which Lean principles or practices will be most effective when introducing DevOps?


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Compared to a project in a conventional manner, what must be changed for a project to be successful in DevOps?


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Any team that adopts DevOps, could be described as a Compact.

What principle applies best to make a Compact work?


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To implement DevOps, there are many sources of knowledge, standards and practices available.

Which one is considered key for a successful DevOps implementation?


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Collaboration is one of the four pillars of Effective DevOps.

Why is it so important?


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You are the owner of a small DevOps company of 5 co-workers, that builds mobile apps for children with disabilities. One of the apps your team is most proud of is an app for children with autism, that allows them to schedule their own day.

Because this app was so successful, your team is asked to extend the capabilities of the app for other people that would benefit from scheduling their day. This request will certainly generate more complexity in the code and some technical challenges that will have to be tackled by the team.

You expect to be paid very well for this assignment, so you accept the assignment. However, after a few weeks, your team is fighting. You get angry as well and start paying more attention to what all the team members do. You regularly work along with them, so you can quickly correct any code error you spot.

Although enough work gets done, your team stays angry and you recognize that part of the DevOps mindset is missing.

What is the best strategy to solve your problem?


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You feel that your Development team is really a team.

What is a sure sign that they are a team and not a group?


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AppAtoZ has been growing at phenomenal rates in developing and deploying mobile applications to the iPhone and Android platforms.

The Development teams for this startup have experienced tremendous pressures in deploying rapid enhancements to their current mobile applications on an aggressive timeline. They have been working on average 60 hours per week over the last six months. Leadership has been reluctant to hire more assistance, and is more concerned about increasing revenue while reducing operational and development costs.

In the recent months there has been an increased rate of employee absenteeism, employees calling in sick, and some employees even resigned from AppAtoZ, resulting in increased workloads on current employees. Rehiring and ramp up time of a new employee does not alleviate the work pressures quickly for the Development team.

Which long term strategies must be considered to address employee burnout and stress?


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You work in a DevOps team as a developer. You try to facilitate collaboration between all of your team members. Your team has two male senior developers and one junior female systems administrator.

Your team members had a rocky start and could not get along. You intervened at the time, to try to help them get along better. That worked, because they stopped fighting and got a lot more work done.

Now you start noticing a pattern where the junior administrator keeps agreeing with the senior developers.

How should you react to this pattern?


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Why do Agile and Scrum promise faster and more predictable software development?


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What is light-weight ITSM?


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You work for a company that has implemented Lean and Agile practices. Your CEO is not convinced of the value of implementing yet another new thing: DevOps.

You are a DevOps expert. You feel that DevOps is beneficial to any company that develops software.

What does DevOps add to the company you work for?


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Senior business management is requesting better business support and alignment to business objectives from the IT department. As a CIO, among other measures, you decide to reduce management workload in Operations.

How will DevOps best help you to improve your existing Service Level Management?


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Which DevOps implementation is most suitable for an enterprise that uses the System of Record (SoR) approach?


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What is the main benefit of using the Obeya system?


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You work in a software company that is just starting to work with DevOps. You realize that not only the culture of the organization should change, but also its practices and tools. The company does already monitor the software projects for any issues.

You propose to add the following measures:
  • automate the Change Management process
  • implement access controls to prevent anyone for making changes without approval
Why is this necessary?


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Virtualization and Cloud computing are techniques that could help and facilitate DevOps practices.

How do they help DevOps?


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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are important for every project, because they specify what you agree on with the customer. However, in DevOps, the SLAs serve another important purpose.

What is this purpose?


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For a new product, your team needs to develop a Deployment Pipeline. As part of Continuous Integration, you need to define the Commit stage of the pipeline. You discuss this stage with your team members.

The Process Master says: "The Definition of Done should be defined during or before the Commit stage. When code is not Done when it is committed, the work should be stopped".

Is this true?


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What is the main benefit of increasing the diversity of the team to include a wider range of personal backgrounds and cultures?


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You work for a small company, that has a single DevOps team. Your DevOps team works on an application that consists of multiple components. Some are new and some just need updates.

At the moment, each component has its own Deployment Pipeline. The team is proud of the Continuous Delivery they do within most of the Deployment Pipelines and their production is high and of good quality.

What should you do?


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You are assessing Company Builders, which is a medium to large organization that has adopted DevOps practices a couple of years ago.

They have hired you to determine their current maturity state. When you are done, you should give suggestions for improvement. They want to know on which area they should focus to reach the next maturity level: Level 2 - Quantitatively Managed.

You find that most areas are within Level 1 - Consistent, with two exceptions:

  1. Environments and Deployment. This area manages orchestrated deployments and has tested release and rollback processes.
  2. Build Management and Continuous Integration. In this area, you find regular automated builds and testing, and any build can be re-created from source control using an automated process.
First determine the level of maturity in these two areas, based on the information given. Then give your recommendation for the focus of improvement.

Which of these two areas should Company Builders work on, before progressing to Level 2?


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Your company sells an online back-up service to its customers. Now, one of the customers has asked to implement new features in your service. They want the new features within a week, or they will seek business elsewhere.

You believe that the new features are important and you know the Development team can build it quickly. However, you encounter the following problems:
  • It takes a long time for bugs to be closed by testers.
  • Testers are finding bugs that developers fixed a long time ago.
  • The application can rarely be demonstrated to be working.
  • Showcases rarely happen.
What is your problem and how should you solve it?


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Which is a benefit of Continuous Integration within Effective DevOps?


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A multinational organization is having many challenges in merging commits from their distributed locations into a central repository based in Dallas, TX. The distributed locations include Mexico City, Paris, San Diego and England. There have been inconsistent manners on when the regions are running their commits and at times it is not clear if some tests failed or not.

There are four possible practices:
  1. Do not check in on a broken build
  2. Always run all commit tests locally before committing, or get your Continuous Integration server to do it for you
  3. Wait for commit tests to pass before moving on
  4. Do not comment out failing tests

Which of these are most applicable to make sure that the distributed locations address their current pain points?


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Consider the anatomy of a basic Deployment Pipeline.

Which stage asserts that the system works at the functional and non-functional level?


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It is a DevOps best practice to use the same process to deploy to every environment in which your application runs. This ensures that the build is tested effectively. You are using scripts to automate your build and deployment process.

What is the best way to do this?


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Upon release of a new IT service, a job in operation ends unexpectedly.

What could not be a valid cause for this?


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Company AppBC is using DevOps. They have implemented Continuous Deployment and a solid Deployment Pipeline, with highly automated acceptance tests and they are delivering daily new software to production.

AppBC has a large database and many users. They have a comprehensive and solid capacity testing strategy in place. As their environment is quite large and complex, with each new version some bugs appear in production.

What strategy could best help AppBC prevent these bugs?


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DevOps takes very important concepts from Agile, derived from the Toyota Production System.

Why is one-piece-flow important for a DevOps adoption?


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The S Corporation, a medium sized automobile parts supplier, supplies a large company, T Motors Corporation. They supply automobile parts to T Motors Corporation, which amounts to almost 60% of their total sales.

The board meets to discuss the new partnership. T Motors Corporation demands that S Corporation change their way of delivery to Just-in-Time delivery, or they will stop their business with S Corporation. S Corporation would not survive this loss of business, so there is a sense of urgency to change to Just-in-Time. This change must happen within 6 months, so there are 5 months at most to prepare.

One of the things to be implemented is tracking of parts through Radio Frequency ID's (RFID). This should help keep the production process transparent. A quick review of the current process is in order to facilitate the change to an RFID enabled process.

The CIO is asked to manage the change process. She believes this will be possible, if a DevOps approach is used to create a minimal release. Ideally, the concept for production with RFID should be developed first. As a last step, a production control system using the RFID data should be implemented. However, there is not enough time to do these steps sequentially. Therefore, these three things should be done concurrently.

The CIO assigns Em, who is a Scrum Master, to the project. Development prepares to build a Deployment Pipeline.

Em can see that Development is enthusiastic and works hard, but they could use more discipline. In addition, the release frequency needs to be higher.

What should Em focus on first?


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Your DevOps team works well together at a sustainable pace. By building enough slack into the process, the team has the time and concentration to carefully check and test the builds. Currently, your team tests and deploys manually. Their pace is high enough to deliver high value to the business on a regular basis.

Your CEO has requested your advice on automation within this team.

Which advice should you give?


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A CIO assigns her most reliable employee, Michael, who is a Scrum Master, to a project. The Development team prepares to build a Deployment Pipeline.

Michael has confidence in the good intentions and spontaneity of the development team, but would like them to become more disciplined. In addition, there should be a higher release frequency. Michael wants the Development team to implement more frequent releases.

One of the team members says: "The most important thing about this new Deployment Pipeline is automating it. We should first automate the Deployment Pipeline".

Is this statement correct?


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Your company is changing its ways and starting to work with DevOps. Your team is on board with this change. You are discussing best practices for the Commit stage of the code.

Your co-worker Sun says: "When a build breaks, and nobody takes responsibility, we should find out who did it and call them out on it, so that they can fix the build."

Is this a good idea?


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The Development team at XAppGo has been running into numerous challenges with their current testing practices. Currently, they use a manual acceptance testing process. The developers believe that the unit test suite that they have created is thorough enough to protect against regressions.

The Development team has to spend 1 million dollars on manual acceptance testing for every release. Senior leadership has mandated that the Development team should implement automated acceptance testing to reduce overall costs of testing and also minimize the number of code defects and regressions introduced into the production environment.

What principles must be followed when defining acceptance criteria for your application with automation in mind?


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What is the most effective mechanism for migrating data in an automated way?


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Company X-AppGo has been having challenges with their roll-back processes. This often results in critical data losses within their production application databases, when executing roll-back scripts.

When is it not possible to run roll-back scripts without losing critical data?


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ACMECONST has encountered many application and hardware failures after deploying application software upgrades and hardware refreshes to their routers and switches.

It has been very difficult for them to recover back to their original state, after having these failures during their maintenance windows. This has resulted in extended hours of recovery, beyond the normal maintenance windows, and extended downtime for their critical applications.

Automated provisioning and autonomic infrastructure can help within this situation, but some considerations apply.

Which items need to be managed carefully to reduce the risk of disruption when deploying to the production environment?


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Company X-AppGo has been having challenges in their core application. The application is not properly interfacing with other external applications. These external applications need to effectively obtain specific data variables, so that specific calls can be executed. The core application is being developed by one team, and the company wants to maintain that for very good business reasons.

One of the developers suggests to separate out a component from the X-AppGo codebase to tackle the interfacing issues.

What are good reasons to separate out a component in this case?


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Even the smallest applications will have a dependency on other components or libraries. Therefore, understanding and managing dependencies is a key activity within Continuous Deployment in order to keep flow within the Deployment Pipeline.

You have built an application, that uses two libraries. Each of these libraries rely on a third, underlying library, although they refer to different versions. This creates a specific dependency.

What is the best solution to solve or prevent this dependency?


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Within a Continuous Deployment environment, it is important that everything is version controlled, so that you can find errors quickly, or roll back whenever necessary.

However, it is not recommended to keep binary output within Version Control.

Why is this exception made?


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You want to take a holistic approach to managing all of your IT infrastructure.

On which two principles can this approach be based best?


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Teams with good collaboration practices have synchronized work tickets. A CTO used ‘Go and See’, to investigate how the Operations team functions. After releasing, the Operations team always redefines the Operational infrastructure.

What is the best advice to improve upon this practice?


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When is a good time for Operations to inform Development of an operational change?


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You want your DevOps organization to mature. There are many ways to do this.

What is not a way to help your DevOps organization mature?


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You work for an IT service provider. As a part of your business continuity plan, you want to guarantee that you can always meet the minimum agreed service levels.

You want to ensure IT service continuity.

How can DevOps help you with IT Service Continuity Management?


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ACMECONST has aggressively expanded its global presence by increasing the number of hires and engineering teams distributed throughout the world. It also has been increasing its customer base at a dramatic pace of 30% per year.

Decisions that were once easily made when the engineering team was in one room are now taking much longer, causing frustration across the organization. There are more layers of management approvals to go through and the process is more extensive, which is causing many of the engineers to get disenchanted with the entire decision making process.

There is also increased confusion around the ownership of the various problems that are presented, causing a hesitation on making decisions. The engineers also feel their creativity has been stifled by the additional processes and bureaucracy, which has started to impact their morale.

What is the best way to address this scenario?


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Within company X-AppGo there is a conflict between the Operations team in Colombia and the Development team in Ireland, caused by the fact that they have different priorities and goals. Due to this conflict, the amount of time and effort it takes to resolve issues that impact the business is increasing.

Which key practices should X-AppGo consider in order to reduce conflict and improve collaboration between the Development and Operations teams?


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A Development team is interested in DevOps. They are mainly interested in Continuous Integration (CI). They currently develop and maintain 3 major solutions and 4 smaller ones. They use Scrum practices. Each Sprint takes 4 weeks, creating an average of 1 committed release to the test environment each 10 or 15 days and 1 release to production per month. They want to create a qualitative business case for their management to support their investment and effort to create a CI practice.

Which tangible benefits of CI help that business case most?