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This is the sample exam EXIN BCS Modelling Business Processes. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is the correct answer.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 40. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. If you obtain 25 points or more you will pass.

The time allowed for this exam is 60 minutes.

Good luck!

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A business analyst wishes to model the following:

A customer places an order with the sales department. If items are in stock when ordered they are reserved.
Items ordered that are not in stock are ordered from suppliers by the purchasing department. Once these items are received from the supplier, the logistics department packs the complete order for delivery to the customer.

Which level of the business process hierarchy will she be modelling?


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A company is managed by a board of directors who have accountability for twelve departments, spanning across the country in three sites. The company employs a total of 2000 staff and has a gross annual revenue of $200m.

How will modelling a functional view of the company assist a business analyst's understanding of the company?


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A trainee business analyst is studying for a degree. As part of his course, he has been set an assignment to produce a process view of the organization that he works for.

Which of the following would be suitable for a process view diagram?


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When documenting the current sales order process to look for improvements, the business analyst discovers that the current system is calculating purchase tax levels incorrectly. It is rounding the value of the tax down, rather than up, as required by law. For example, when the system calculates tax at £11.354, it rounds it to £11.35, rather than £11.36 as required by the purchase tax legislation.

Which element of the POPIT model has failed in the design of this process?


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A company intends to improve its business processes to make it more customer-focused.

In the current process, customer credit checking and customer account management are performed by two departments; finance and customer services. In the proposed system, customer credit checking and customer account management will be the sole responsibility of the customer services department.

Which model will help identify the impacts of this change?


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A photographic print company, Snappy Images, is introducing a new stock management system across all its warehouses. All stock information for all warehouses will be migrated to the new stock management system on Friday 1st June. It will be checked for accuracy over the weekend and staff will begin to use the new system live on Monday 4th June.

Which implementation method is being proposed?


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Consider the following:

Value Proposition
As a trusted high street fashion retailer, we offer unique designs tailored to our customers' requirements, providing a truly bespoke shopping experience.

Process Improvement
Following a data breach, the company has reviewed its current data management processes and implemented an encryption protocol across all portable devices.

The process improvement will support the value proposition of the business by improving what?


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Wattage Power Co. offers the widest range of domestic energy supply methods in the country's energy market. It uses a much greater mix of traditional and green technologies to produce energy than any of its competitors.

Which element of the value proposition does this represent?


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A business analyst has been asked to undertake a process improvement review across the manufacturing division of his organization. After shadowing key members of the manufacturing team and reviewing current working methods, he has decided to create a process map to illustrate current practices.

Which element should the business analyst consider first when building the process map?


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A takeaway pizza business prepares all its pizzas to order, using locally sourced ingredients. Customers can order their pizzas online, by telephone, or in person. The business also offers a delivery service if required.

In an organizational level model of the business processes for the takeaway pizza business, how would a customer order for a pizza be represented?


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Oslo Electrics is a small, independent store that sells electrical appliances directly to retail customers and it also has a contract to supply the local council.

It is part of Indy Stores Ltd, a network of independent stores that have joined together to increase their purchasing power from suppliers. Oslo Electrics pays a small percentage of its revenue to Indy Stores Ltd, to access the benefits of this network. Oslo Electrics has two owners; Dean who is the store manager and Harry, who is a shareholder but is not actively involved in the company.

In an organizational model of Oslo Electrics, who would be shown as customers?


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StandBank is an overseas bank, planning to enter the (fictional) Etopian market. Due to regulation, Etopian businesses must operate as standalone companies. The first action that an Etopian business must take, is to secure a banking licence from the bank regulator.

In an organizational model, where would the bank regulator be shown?


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A European insurance company wishes to launch a new initiative in the Far East, with a product tailored to this market. This will require it to raise a considerable amount of capital to lease a suitable building. It will also need to ensure that it complies with local employment laws and local trading regulations.

Which of the following will appear as a supplier in the company's organizational model?


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Whilst studying at university, Alan earned money by tutoring local schoolchildren. He built a good reputation for being able to achieve remarkable results and now has a waiting list of parents wanting to secure his services. As he will be leaving university next year, Alan is considering tutoring full-time but is aware that this service is being offered by other people looking for flexible ways to earn money.

In the future, Alan will no longer benefit from a student loan to supplement his income, so he is worried about other tutors undercutting his prices.

Where would Alan's student loan be shown on a current organizational model of his tutoring business?


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The conference manager at a local hotel receives bookings for its conference hall. There is a business process called 'book conference hall' to handle these bookings. If the conference hall is already booked for the dates requested, the potential customer is given the option to put their name on a waiting list.

There is another business process called 'cancel conference hall booking'. If there are people on the waiting list, then one of these people will be given the option to book the conference hall for the cancelled date.

To show that a person on the waiting list can book a cancelled date, how should 'cancel conference hall booking' and 'book conference hall' be modelled?


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Fox Power plc. is about to embark on a major process improvement program. The company understands the benefit of documenting its current and future processes but is unsure about which diagramming standard to use.

What is the principal advantage of using a standard notation set?


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In a busy doctor’s surgery, the receptionist has many daily responsibilities; from greeting patients to filing records and ensuring repeat prescriptions are ordered. However, from 8am - 10am every morning, the receptionist's main task is to answer telephone calls from patients who wish to book an appointment, and then make a record of the appointment.

What type of event is the patient telephone call, and where will the 'make an appointment' task appear in the business process diagram?


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Spicket Furniture Company makes bespoke furniture for its customers. When a customer order is received, it places an order for the required materials with its suppliers. When these materials are received from the supplier, they are stored in the warehouse until a craftsman is ready to construct the furniture. The craftsman then makes the furniture.

When completed, it is quality tested by the supervisor. If it passes, it is stored in the warehouse until a delivery date is agreed with the customer. When that is agreed, a courier collects the furniture and delivers it to the customer.

What would be the basis of an external measure of process performance?


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Sturdy Shelves offers a wide range of quality shelving solutions for domestic and commercial customers. Customer survey feedback has indicated that its products are 'hard-wearing', 'durable' and 'last for years'. Customers also feel that the company has a wide product range and provides good value for money.

The company has decided to reduce quality inspection time to cuts costs. Consequently, the target cost of manufacture for each product in the range has been reduced.

What potential conflict is there between Sturdy Shelves' new internal performance measure and customer expectations of the brand?


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A business analyst working for a claims management company is preparing a business process model for the process 'register claim'.

The claims handlers are required to create a customer reference number in the claims handling system. Each customer must have only one unique customer reference in the system, although each customer could have many claims. The claims handlers should always check whether a customer number already exists before creating a new one.

In the business process model, what should be used to show what takes place when an existing customer reference number is used in the process 'register claim'?


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All new customers taking out a mobile telephone contract with A1 Communications must be credit checked. The credit check is an automated process and depending on their credit status, customers may be accepted by the system, declined by the system, or referred for manual review. Below is a diagram of this process:

What is missing from this business process model of the scenario?


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Below is a business process model for ordering goods:

According to this model, what is possible?


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The process for amending a surgical appointment is described below:

The process starts when a patient wants to change their appointment. The medical secretary checks the system to confirm that the original appointment exists and then calls the surgery team, to see if the surgeon originally chosen for the operation is available. If the same surgeon is available on the new date, the patient is informed, and the appointment moved.

However, if the original surgeon is not available, the medical secretary finds another. The secretary will then check whether the available surgeon also has the skills needed for the operation; if they do, the secretary will make the booking. The patient is then informed, and the appointment is moved.

The business process model for changing a surgical appointment will have a start point, end point, swimlanes and tasks.

Which further elements of the business process model can be identified from the scenario?


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The following extract is from the operator handbook of a company that sells computer parts and accessories:

Then placing a new order, an operator must first check to see if a customer currently exists on the system. This involves searching for their details in the customer relationship management system and checking their bank details to see if they have ordered from us before. If a customer is new, they need to be added to the system; this must always include a credit check and a verification of the address details they have provided.

Which of the following represents the correct number of processes, tasks and steps described in this scenario?


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An organization has expanded through acquisition, which has brought a diversity and growth that exceeded expectation. To maintain this growth, improvements in working practices will be necessary.

Integrating working practices and processes across the organization is an area of focus and business analysts have been asked to produce 'as-is' models of processes in locations and departments across the organization.

What should these business analysts adopt to help achieve the subsequent integration of work practices and processes?


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BrightCo. pays its employees using the Bankers' Automated Clearing Service (BACS).

The organization's payroll system automatically sends pay information for all employees to BACS on the 27th day of every month at 00.00. This ensures that employees are paid by the end of the calendar month.

Which of the following best describes this event?


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A music examination board pays assessors £21 per session to assess the performance of candidates. There are three candidates for every session and each candidate normally gives a 20 minute recital on their chosen instrument. At the end of each session, the assessor compiles an assessment using a standard form and indicates whether the candidate has passed or failed. Candidates who pass the examination receive a certificate from the examination board.

The rules for the recital are published in a 'Guidance Book for Performers'. Following this guidance forms part of the assessment.

Which of the following elements of a task description for 'assess candidate' is incorrect?


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When claiming expenses, staff members are responsible for ensuring that their claims meet the organization's expenses policies. Any expenses must be approved by the staff member's manager before the cost is incurred, unless there are exceptional circumstances. All claims must be supported by original receipts for the costs incurred.

Claims must be made within 30 days of the date the cost was incurred, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Claims are usually settled within 7 working days of submission.

When constructing a task description for the task 'claim expenses', what is an appropriate performance measure?


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Mr. Davies rang his bank to complain that a charge had been applied to his account as a direct debit was paid when he had insufficient funds in his account. He spoke to a call center agent, who noted Mr. Davies' complaint and promised that it would be passed to a customer service manager for investigation; the customer service manager is responsible for assessing the situation and deciding whether the bank charge will be refunded or not.

The call center agent promised Mr. Davies a call back within 7 working days. This call will be made by the call center agent or the customer service manager.

When constructing a task description for the task 'log complaint', who is the actor, and what is the initiating business event?


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A business analyst has written the task description for an online ordering process:

1. DO Order
2. Customer enters account number
3. System displays account name
4. System displays order number (last order number +1) and order date (system date)
5. DOUNTIL no more items (order line) to order
6. Customer enters product code
7. System displays product description
8. Customer enters quantity ordered
9. System calculates and displays order line cost (quantity ordered x product price)
11. System calculates total order cost
12. IF total order cost acceptable to customer
13. THEN Customer selects payment option
14. Customer makes payment (this is documented elsewhere)
15. ELSE
16. Order is cleared and customer is returned to shopping menu
18. ENDDO - end of online order task

According to this task description, what are the minimum and maximum items (order lines) for each customer order?


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Below is a task description for 'receive goods', which is not currently an automated task:

1. DO Receive goods
2. Receive ordered goods from supplier
3. Check order quantities received
4. Reduce quantity on order on the record card by the amount received from the supplier
5. Increase quantity in stock on the record card by the amount received from the supplier
6. IF quantity in stock exceeds the maximum stock quantity specified on the record card
7. THEN notify purchasing manager
9. Mark order as received
10. Pay supplier

At the start of the day, there are 300 widgets in stock and 600 on order. There is a maximum stock quantity of 500 widgets.

At 10.00hrs, 100 widgets are received from supplier WidgetCo on purchase order number 123. This is the only delivery made that day.

During that day, 200 widgets are despatched to customers.

What will the appropriate values be at the end of the day, according to the task description?


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A business analyst has recorded a fragment of the steps in a task:

1. A light is displayed
2. If light is green, then proceed past the signal
3. If light is on amber, then proceed with caution
4. If light is on red, then stop
5. If the light is still red after two minutes, then phone signals man

The analyst plans to draw an activity diagram of the task.

How many decision diamonds will be in this fragment of the diagram?


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A company has a quality assurance process that is applied to its item production; however, noncompliance is often identified in this process.

A consultant quality engineer, brought in to investigate this non-compliance, advises that the quality assurance process is overly complex, which is resulting in employees deviating from the standard procedure. These employees claim that some of the tasks required in the quality assurance process are not useful, slowing the process down and failing to identify any significant faults in either the product or the production process.

Which approach to process improvement would be most helpful in improving the quality assurance process?


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Satveer needs to buy a new washing machine. She checks online and finds a suitable model at Betterbuys Supermarkets for £300, which can be delivered within five days. Satveer needs the item sooner, so she visits her local Betterbuys Supermarket to purchase it directly.

Frustratingly, the supermarket manager informs her that not all washing machine models are available in-store, including the model that she wants. He assures her that he can have it delivered to her within ten working days.

Why do Betterbuys Supermarkets need to improve the process of buying a washing machine?


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A business analyst working for a large toy manufacturer has produced a set of business process models to develop a more consistent understanding of its existing processes. During her work, she finds the following issues:

1. Three separate teams (logistics, sales and production) all submit time sheets to the accounts team at 5pm on a Friday. The accounts team have difficulty in coping with this influx of information, which can cause delays in producing next week's payroll.
2. Task assignment and time monitoring in the manufacturing process is a manual process, with documents passed from one team to another. This adds delays to the process, and documents sometimes get lost.

Which approaches to improving business processes would effectively address these issues?


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A business analyst has identified the following pattern of business activity in a process he has been asked to improve:

What assumption about this process should the analyst challenge?


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The Outboard Adventure Travel Company has invested in electronic handheld equipment for its travel guides to record information about the adventure holidays they lead, which will replace paper records. An added advantage of this equipment is that the guide's geographical location can be continually monitored.

The equipment and associated applications are to be rolled out to travel guides across the world in the next three months. Several business scenarios have been suggested, including:

A) How travel guides currently record the required information.
B) That the equipment functions in appropriate environments.
C) That equipment is compliant with the regulations of appropriate countries.
D) How travel guides can communicate with each other.
E) How the handheld equipment was selected.

Which of these scenarios will be used to ensure that the equipment is suitable for the travel guides?


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The RCSTEAM rail company has introduced an optional valet service for its special steam train excursions. Passengers can check in their luggage at their departure station and then have it handled through to the hotel they have booked as their destination.

However, there are restrictions placed on this service: each passenger must have three pieces of luggage or fewer and each piece of luggage must not weigh more than 20 kilograms.

What exceptional business scenario does the new valet service process have to handle?


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The current recruitment process of a Human Resources (HR) department is primarily based on spreadsheets and a complete paper trail for all applications. Only those applicants reaching the assessment phase have their details recorded on the current HR system.

The proposed ‘to-be’ process will allow the recording, monitoring and tracking of applications. Candidates will also be able to monitor the progress of the application via the company website, using their own personal login credentials.

The following ‘to-be’ tasks or processes have been identified:

A) Retain records: All recruitment records shall be retained for up to 3 years.
B) Track status: Candidates shall be able to track the status of their application.
C) Annotate shortlist: Shortlisted candidate details shall be updated to reflect interview outcomes.
D) Archive records: All recruitment records shall be archived after 3 years.
E) Promote brand: All IT systems shall reflect the brand logos and images of the company.

Which of these would be regarded as functional requirements of the new IT system?


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SparkCheck performs regular electrical equipment inspections on a contract basis for a wide range of organizations. It also undertakes emergency inspections as requested, often associated with power problems.

‘As-is’ process: The inspectors collect a printed works order list from the depot at the start of the working day. They record information about their inspections in a manual folder. At the end of the day, they return to the office and enter the information collected into the company's inspection management system.

‘To-be’ process: The inspectors collect a printed work order list from the depot at the start of the working day, but they will now enter collected information into a handheld data collection device. This device will provide standard fault codes and information about the type and location of equipment; it will also allow inspectors to capture data immediately and work remotely.

Which of the following functionalities will not be delivered by the handheld data collection device solution?