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This is the EXIN SIAM™ Professional (SIAMP.EN) sample exam. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is correct.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 40. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. You need 26 points or more to pass the exam.

The time allowed for this exam is 90 minutes.

You are allowed to use the case study for this exam. Please click on the link to open it. If you close the case study, use the Navigator button to go back to the Introduction (dot before question 1) and click on the link again.

Good luck!

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ZYX has decided to use an external service integrator, and to use the tool provided by that integrator.

Of all the constituent companies in the ZYX organization, which is likely to see the greatest change to their overall governance model?


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ZYX would like to use an external service integrator. The CIO has asked the consultancy organization, SIAMRUS, to provide some initial recommendations on how the future SIAM ecosystem should be governed, the roles that will be required, and where those roles should be established.

SIAMRUS is currently documenting the proposed role of SIAM Governance Lead.

Who is the most likely person to take this role?


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As part of the NEWGEN transition project, the contract manager for ZYXH has been seconded to work with the project team. They are looking at how new contracts will need to be structured and worded, including how service performance will be measured.

Having attended SIAM training to understand what is required, the contract manager is now getting input from business representatives and IT tooling experts to identify proposed performance metrics to be monitored for each contracted service.

What approach should the contract manager take?


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ZYXUK has proposed that ZYX's current service providers capability to deliver a SIAM model should be assessed.

How should the assessment be initially approached?


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The transition to the SIAM model is anticipated to complete in 12 months’ time. The CIO of ZYX is concerned that some of the current service providers might not agree to the contract changes required for the new SIAM model.

Legacy contracts will not be bought out during the transition time.

Which service provider will probably not want to agree to the changes required?


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ZYX has resources in different locations that should also be used within the retained organization when the new SIAM model is implemented. SIAMRUS has reviewed the available documentation.

What does ZYX need to gain insight in the current capabilities?


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ZYX is considering the SIAM model proposed by SIAMRUS.

The CEO wants to understand what impact any expansion of ZYX into other countries will have on this SIAM model as a result of considerations for compliance and standards. She wants to minimize any risks to the profitability of ZYX.

What would be the most likely effect to the SIAM model arising from the expansion?


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Which part of the corporate strategy of ZYX will a successful transition to SIAM most likely address?


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The CIO of ZYX is creating the outline business case for the SIAM transition.

What should be included in the outline business case as a critical success factor for NEWGEN?


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Project NEWGEN is in the Discovery and Strategy stage.

- SIAMRUS is selected in a consulting capacity only.
- OUT$CO is selected as the service integrator, but the contract is not yet signed.

ZYX has asked for input on defining the role profiles in the new SIAM model. There has been some discussion between the SIAMRUS consultant and the ZYX CIO.

The SIAMRUS consultant recommends that ZYX starts with a baseline inventory of the skills that the ZYX staff already have before moving on to creating role profiles by adapting a standard framework to the SIAM model.

The CIO thinks this is too costly and unnecessary. The CIO wants to move ahead with choosing a standard framework from which to copy the role profiles without change and states that the baseline inventory is unnecessary.

Who is correct and why?


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The ZYX Board of Directors wants to confirm the SIAM strategy for ZYX. They have asked SIAMRUS to provide more information on their standardized SIAM model.

SIAMRUS has proposed that ZYX uses the following service providers:

- Hosting: SIAMRUS
- Networks: NET$CO
- Application development: OUT$CO
- Application support: OUT$CO
- End user compute: MOB$CO
- Service Integrator: SIAMRUS
- Service desk: SIAMRUS

The ZYX Board of Directors is concerned that this omits ZYXS. The SIAM model should support the ZYX corporate strategy and the ZYX mandate for change.

What is the best approach with ZYXS?


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ZYX Corporation is a group of 5 different companies: ZYXA, ZYXG, ZYXH, ZYXUK, and ZYXS.

Project NEWGEN has now been established. A SIAM strategic governance board has been created. Work is about to start on creating the ZYX SIAM strategy.

6 months ago, the directors of ZYXUK asked a consultancy organization, SIAMRUS, to review ZYXUK’s IT service provision strategy and suggest a new strategy for the future. The report from SIAMRUS was received 4 weeks ago. SIAMRUS suggests that ZYXUK moves to a SIAM-based model and includes an outline SIAM strategy.

The senior staff and directors of ZYXUK do not like any interference in their strategy and operations from ZYXH and ZYXS, and historically have always objected to any imposed changes in working practices that do not align with their own aspirations. ZYXUK have not attended the last two meetings of the ZYX IT steering group.

The CEO wants to ensure that the SIAM strategy for ZYX is appropriate for all ZYX companies. She also wants ZYXUK to embrace it and actively support its implementation.

Which approach will be the most successful in achieving these aims?


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ZYX wants to establish the SIAM environment as quickly as possible, because the CEO wants to accelerate the expansion into the USA.

What is the most appropriate way to initiate project NEWGEN?


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The SIAM project board has decided that the chosen SIAM structure will be the lead supplier as service integrator.

- OUT$CO has been awarded the service integration contract. They are designing the service grouping for local area networks.
- ZYXS will provide a central service desk for the SIAM ecosystem.

Who would be the best provider of the local area network support for ZYXA?


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ZYXH has commissioned the SIAM ecosystem. SIAMRUS is the proposed service integrator. The following service groups and service providers have been selected:

- Application services: ZYXS
- Desktop support: DESK$CO
- Hosting: ZYXD

The WAN (wide area network) connects the LAN (local area networks) to the hosting service, so that users across ZYX can access the application services.

Who else will NET$CO have operational and functional relationships with?


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The ZYX Board of Directors has decided on a SIAM strategy. They want to use the expertise from SIAMRUS, but with ZYX retaining control of architecture, strategy and business relationship management.

What SIAM structure should ZYX choose?


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The SIAM transition is complete.

- SIAMRUS is appointed as an external service integrator.
- ZYXH provides the retained capabilities for ZYX.

For the past three months OUT$CO has not met their SLA targets and SIAMRUS wants to apply service credits.

How should these credits be applied?


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ZYX has appointed a service integrator.

- OUT$CO is the service integrator.
- ZYXS will be an internal service provider, providing development, support, and service desk services.
- All other current service providers will continue to provide their services.

ZYXS service management has asked OUT$CO if ZYXS can continue to report on the current ZYXS measures and targets:

- Number of incidents received and resolved by the service desk
- Number of changes approved each month
- Service availability

ZYXH and ZYXG have asked OUT$CO if they could receive a report each month from OUT$CO, showing achievement of these three targets by every service provider.

What is the first step that OUT$CO should take?


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The ZYX SIAM model has been operational for two months.

- OUT$CO is the service integrator.
- ZYXS provides the service desk and application development and support services, using different teams.
- ZYXD is hosting the ZYXS applications.

ZYXS and ZYXD are both meeting their individual service levels. However, OUT$CO has identified that there is often tension and conflict between the different teams of ZYXS and ZYXD.

What is the best approach to ensure that these teams work together more effectively?


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ZYX decided to continue to use all existing service providers apart from OUT$CO.

New contracts, including service integration requirements and revised service levels, have now been signed with all providers. SIAMRUS provided advice on the contents of these contracts.

However, it has been decided to appoint OUT$CO as the service integrator, as the costs received from SIAMRUS were too high. ZYX is now negotiating the contract with OUT$CO.

What is the best way to incentivize the performance of OUT$CO as the service integrator in the contract?


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ZYX has decided to use different service providers for hosting, application development, networks, application support, desktop support, and networks. Cloud and commodity services will be used wherever possible. OUT$CO have been selected as the hosting provider, they will also be the service integrator.

When discussing the design of the new contracts for the service providers and the service integrator, the ZYX CEO, ZYX CFO, ZYX CIO, and the ZYXS IT director have a disagreement.

- The ZYX CEO wants to use a single contract structure for all service providers, in order to ensure adherence to a common set of rules and governance.
- The ZYX CFO wants to use a single contract structure for all service providers, because this will keep the complexity, and with it the costs, as low as possible.
- The ZYX CIO wants to use one contact structure for OUT$CO and another for all other providers, as this will ensure the lowest possible costs of service provision.
- The ZYXS IT director wants several different contracts and structures, because this will allow the most flexibility.

Who is most correct?


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The SIAM transition has been started.

- SIAMRUS has been selected as the service integrator.
- The contract with OUT$CO has been renewed.

The ZYX project team involved with the transition to SIAM realizes that successful transition will rely on the way that organizational change management (OCM) is done. They decide to recruit an OCM expert. As part of the selection process, the ZYX project team asks each candidate to consider the impact of OCM on four specific areas namely ZYXH, SIAMRUS, OUT$CO and ZYXS.

Which response best demonstrates an understanding of how to overcome challenges during the SIAM transition?


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The service integrator is organizing a series of onboarding workshops during the transition. ZYX has been asked to host a session.

How can ZYX best assist with onboarding during these workshops?


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A major bank has decided to stop using BNK and the bank counter terminals (BCTs). This will severely affect the profitability of ZYX.

The CEO has asked the CIO to consider transferring all services currently provided by ZYXS and ZYXD to OUT$CO.

What would be the greatest risk with adopting this strategy?


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ZYX is considering using the service segregation proposed by SIAMRUS, including appointing SIAMRUS as the service integrator. ZYX would like a mix of current and new service providers.

ZYX wants to understand what tooling strategy and integration method will best support the new service model. The solution should be seamless and cost effective, with the lowest complexity possible.

Which approach for tooling strategy and integration method will best meet the requirements of ZYX?


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There is a wide variety of contract arrangements with service providers to the ZYX companies, including internal operating agreements. Some contracts can be terminated with relatively short notice, with some contracts ending within the next year, but with others having longer to run. The contract under which OUT$CO provides ZYXUK with all of its IT services ends in 12 months’ time and will not be extended.

SIAMRUS has just been appointed as the external service integrator. All existing service providers apart from OUT$CO have expressed their willingness to be part of the new SIAM model, but so far there have been no changes to current contracts.

The ZYX Board of Directors has asked the CIO to recommend an implementation approach for SIAM across ZYX that best achieves the mandate for SIAM with the least risk and cost to ZYX and its individual companies.

Which is the most appropriate implementation approach?


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The CIO of ZYX has been asked to go to the IT Steering Committee to discuss a phased implementation.

What is the key concern raised by business units for this type of approach?


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ZYX is currently undertaking project NEWGEN, aimed at transitioning the ZYX organizations to a SIAM model.

The ZYX management team is considering a number of alternative approaches that have been suggested for transitioning to the new service integrator and service providers.

What would be the best transition approach for ZYX?


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MOB$CO delivers desktop support for field- and home-based users to ZYXG and ZYXUK.

ZYX has decided that MOB$CO will not continue to provide services under the new SIAM model. OUT$CO will be the new service provider for desktop support for all ZYX organizations.

MOB$CO has reacted badly after receiving this news and is not being cooperative with OUT$CO.

What can OUT$CO do to ensure a successful transition of desktop support services into the SIAM model?


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The SIAM model for ZYX includes an internal service provider for application development. The staff for this service provider will come from the current development teams in ZYXS and ZYXUK.

An external consultancy company has been asked to create an awareness campaign about the new SIAM model for the affected staff in ZYXS and ZYXUK. The campaign must influence the staff to make the required changes in working practices and culture. A combination of e-mail communications and workshops will be used to deliver the campaign.

What approach is best to determine the effectiveness of the awareness campaign?


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Project NEWGEN has started.

- The ZYX Board of Directors has decided that ZYXUK should terminate the contract with OUT$CO.
- The external service providers and service integrator for the new SIAM model must be chosen after bidding.

What is the best approach to ensure that OUT$CO is motivated to provide good quality services until the end of their current contract with ZYXUK?


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The transition to the new SIAM model is complete.

- SIAMRUS is the service integrator.
- ZYXH provides the retained capabilities for ZYX.
- ZYXS provides application, support, and service desk services.
- Services for network provision, application development, and application support remain with the same service providers as before the transition.

Last week an e-mail about the launch of a new mobile application created as part of NEWBNK was circulated to all users of BNK and NEWBNK. Yesterday, this created excessive demand, causing a four-hour outage of the online banking system. The cause is believed to be an overload of the network services.

During the outage ZYXS led the activities for service restoration, without involving the service integrator. ZYXS logged and assessed the incidents reported by users, and involved the network service providers in order to diagnose the cause and restore the services.

What approach should be taken next?


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The ZYX SIAM executive steering board is compiling the agenda for their first meeting.

Receiving updates on the progress of the implementation project is already on the agenda.

What else should be included?


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BNK has now been replaced by NEWBNK.

- OUT$CO is the service integrator.
- ZYXS provides application support
- ZYXD provides hosting
- NET$CO provides the wide area network.

ZYXS has an availability service level target of 99.9% for NEWBNK.

Four weeks ago, all users of NEWBNK lost access to it for six hours. ZYXS investigated but could find no fault with the application, and service was restored without taking any action by ZYXS.

ZYXS has noticed that the service report from NET$CO shows that the wide area network connection to ZYXD was lost for six hours due to a fault with NET$CO's equipment. This was at the same time that NEWBNK users experienced the outage. The service report from ZYXD shows 100% availability for hosting NEWBNK.

OUT$CO is asking ZYXS to submit their service report for the period.

What should ZYXS do?


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The new SIAM model has been in use for 6 months.

- SIAMRUS has been chosen as the service integrator.
- OUT$CO now provides services to all ZYX companies.
- ZYXD is hosting the OUT$CO services.
- ZYXS are an internal provider for application development and support
- ZYXD is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZYXS
- All ZYXD staff report to the ZYXS Operations and Support manager

Recently, OUT$CO has not been achieving their service levels of 99.5% availability. They blame ZYXD for being the cause of the outages, but ZYXD refuses to cooperate in investigating who is at fault. ZYXD say that they are meeting their own service levels of 90% uptime. Last week two staff from ZYD and OUT$CO met, but had a violent disagreement including allegations of incompetence.

SIAMRUS is asked to investigate and concludes that OUT$CO and ZYXD do not trust each other and do not work well together.

What is the best way for SIAMRUS to address the lack of cooperation?


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SIAMRUS has been appointed as the service integrator.

They recently consulted with representatives from BANK$CO, NET$CO, OUT$CO and ZYXS in order to confirm their understanding of the required audit and compliance processes. As expected, the responses were varied and related to the experience of each service provider. SIAMRUS created a summary of the approach taken for each service provider.

Which summary provides the best starting point for developing the SIAMRUS approach for SIAM ecosystem audits?


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The SIAMRUS consultancy has produced a SIAM strategy report to help form the outline business case for SIAM.

It has considered the business, process and technological practices in detail.

What people aspects must be included for staff employed by ZYX?


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During the Plan and Build stage of project NEWGEN, company ZYX has identified that NEWBNK deployment will run late.

The transition to NEWBNK will occur after SIAM is in the Run and Improve stage. This means that there will be a significant period where ZYXS will need to retain BANK$CO to support BNK under the new SIAM model.

Which strategy will contribute most to reducing the operational risk and cost to other parties from the transition to NEWBNK?


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SIAMRUS is the service integrator.

In preparation for their SIAM implementation, service integrator SIAMRUS has created scenarios to support the running of pre-implementation ‘conference room pilots’. The scenarios are based around services provided by ZYXS, ZYXD, ZYX$DESK, NET$CO, OUT$CO and PAY$CO, together with any additional supporting services required. Approximately 20 scenarios have been produced for each discrete service.

However, there is not enough time available to run through all scenarios for every process.

What is the best way to tailor the testing approach to maximize the benefits from testing within the time available?


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A year after the SIAM implementation at ZYX has been completed, the problem manager of the service integrator is sure that the problem management process is not working as well as expected.

What would be the best approach to improve the problem management process?