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This is the sample exam EXIN BCS Business Analysis Practice. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is the correct answer.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 40. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. If you obtain 26 points or more you will pass.

The time allowed for this exam is 60 minutes.

Good luck!

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RINGOLA is a high street and Internet-based retailer of men's jewelry and clothing accessories. The leadership team met last week to discuss and agree the tasks required to launch the company's seasonal collection and new smartphone app. Harish, the lead BA, made notes at the meeting and recorded the following list of outstanding tasks:

A) Write a first draft of the business case to secure funding for the launch.
B) Confirm the legal aspects of commercial contracts with our suppliers.
C) Map our processes to ensure that we understand how the new smartphone app will integrate into our order processing system.
D) Complete the detailed configuration of the IT architecture that will underpin the new smartphone app.
E) Develop a consultation process to support the strategic selection of products to include in the seasonal collection.

Which of the tasks fall within the potential scope of the business analyst role and can therefore be delegated to Harish's team?


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The following requirements are listed in a job advert for a business analyst:
  • Must work effectively within a team.
  • Should have experience in facilitating workshops.
  • Must be able to engage with stakeholders to understand and elicit requirements.
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities are essential.

Which of the following competency areas of a business analyst are being sought?


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Raminder is a business analyst who has been tasked with undertaking a resource audit for GrowFast, an agricultural company. In a recent management workshop, she took the following notes:

A) Staff are skilled and highly motivated. They care about the GrowFast brand.
B) Cash flow problems lead to some suppliers not being paid on time.
C) Government grants to help companies train employees are being withdrawn.
D) Wholesale customers report that the quality of produce is exceptional. GrowFast has a good reputation in the industry.
E) A competitor is considering developing a rival production site close to GrowFast's base.

Which of these notes are relevant to a resource audit?


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MobiltyFirst is a charity, which aims to improve the lives of disabled children and young people. Kevin is the chief executive of the charity and has listed (in no order) the following issues:

I am...
A) Worried about our ability to train our staff effectively.
B) Concerned about changes planned in government regulation and the restrictions these could place on the use of mobility aids.
C) Excited about developments in virtual reality and how these could offer new opportunities for mobility-impaired people.
D) Aware of the ageing population in the country and wonder how this will impact on the informal support networks currently in place for many children and young people.
E) Concerned about the increasing costs of rent in the regions where we have established drop-in centres.
F) In doubt of who will take over my role when I retire in 5 years' time.

How many of these issues (and their classification) would be recorded in a PESTLE analysis?


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Lorraine is a business analyst working on a new product service definition for an IT innovation company, which is considering launching a new range of smart pet monitoring devices that allow owners to monitor the health and location of their pets from anywhere in the world. She has decided to use Porter's Five Forces model to understand the attractiveness of entering into this market and has made some notes during her investigation:

A) Building a reliable platform to ensure customers are receiving accurate updates on their pets is going to be very challenging (mainly because of unreliable network coverage).
B) The device hardware components (particularly for collar monitors) are likely to be available to makers of similar products at a slightly lower cost, because of pre-existing commercial arrangements.
C) The product will require extensive commitment from customers (all devices are tied to a 12-month contract) and there are offerings from rivals that operate on a 'pay monthly' basis.
D) There are concerns about the legalities of making accessible tracking devices widely available to the public.
E) There are rumours that a new form of pet microchip, which includes a tracking capability, may become the industry standard in the next 5 years.

Which of these notes can be assigned to one of the five forces and therefore added to her analysis?


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An IT recruitment company has asked its business analyst to review an early draft of a set of documents outlining the organization's Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The following KPIs have been identified:

A) Percentage of suppliers paid within 30 days of invoice.
B) Percentage of customers who, in an independent questionnaire, are content or very content with our services.
C) Percentage of candidates who have been offered a first interview within eight weeks of registering their details.
D) Gross profit.
E) Number of new job listings per month on our website.

Which of these KPIs would align to the CSF 'maintain customer satisfaction'?


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The following points are from the annual report of GlobalFoods, a retailer of luxury ingredients and confectionery:
  • Due to the removal of trade restrictions, GlobalFoods is now considering moving into more European markets. The company is currently analyzing how it should enter these markets and forecasting how much revenue it will generate.
  • The recent staffing restructure has resulted in a loss of experienced, regional management and has adversely impacted the growth forecast presented at the last management board meeting.
  • We remain hopeful for a reduction in oil prices, which will ensure we can reduce our transportation costs in the first half of the next financial year.

Which of the following elements of SWOT can be identified in this extract?


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The charity, LifeForOld, focuses on supporting elderly people so that they can stay in their own homes for as long as possible. This support is provided by a network of local volunteers. At a recent strategy meeting for LifeForOld, the following was agreed:

A) LifeForOld strives to improve the quality of life for the elderly.
B) LifeForOld helps the elderly stay in their homes by providing meals and professional care.
C) The number of elderly people supported by LifeForOld should increase by 5% over the next year.
D) Training is required for LifeForOld volunteers to make them aware of services and benefits available to elderly people.
E) LifeForOld needs to upgrade its kitchens so that it can produce more hot meals.

Which of the above discussion points align with the M and T elements of a MOST analysis?


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Mark is a recently appointed business analyst, working for a government department dealing with international trade and regulations. He has been asked to lead a project concerned with the development of a new policy framework, to assist in the agreement of trade regulations with other countries. He has been told by his manager to spend time understanding how such negotiations and interactions work and to consider the complex social dynamics of working in this department.

Mark has met and spoken with colleagues and key stakeholders. They have outlined the complex cultural differences between teams in the department, suggesting causes of issues and conflict and given him a wide range of (often conflicting) views of how things work.

Despite these meetings, Mark is still not entirely sure that he completely understands the business context of the project.

Which of the following techniques would Mark use to provide an overview of the entire business situation of the project?


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Anne is the production manager of a professional theater group that is rehearsing for a performance of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. She is having a bad day as she has just found out that a rival drama group, who have a better reputation, are also performing the same play at a nearby venue at around the same time. She is worried that this will reduce the number of people who will come to see her play. She has also just heard that BackgroundArt, the company providing all the backdrops, lighting and sound effects, has gone out of business. Finally, she has just been told that the lead actress is ill and will not be able to perform.

What categories of stakeholder are identified in this scenario?


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Inez is a consultant business analyst, assigned to a client operating in the financial services sector. She has not worked with the client before. Inez will be leading a new project developing innovative approaches for assessing the risks associated with loan products. She needs to put a plan together and has made the following notes about what she needs to do:

A) Need access to the forms and files used in the current system, so that I can understand how they are used.
B) The stakeholders have strong views, so I will need to ensure that they get time to discuss ideas together in a structured way.
C) Need to ensure I spend time with the project sponsor to build a relationship and formally document his requirements.
D) Need to ensure that all the financial aspects of the business case are prepared as early as possible.

Which of the following techniques should Inez select for this project?


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Below is an extract from a project gateway review:

'…In summary, the project appears to be in a bad state. The project proceeded to pilot implementation, but the system it delivered was full of faults. Our investigation suggests that these faults were not technical in nature; in fact, the IT team appear to have implemented the system to the specification provided.
However, it is now clear that the project team itself had a very poor understanding of how the project aligned with the business strategy and so the purpose of the project was not obvious to them. Whilst we accept that a lack of senior management support has also been a factor in the outcome of this project, the costly failure of this project is primarily the responsibility of the project manager and the project team.'

Problems in which two areas of the POPIT model contributed to the failed project?


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A business analyst working for an international freight company has been asked to lead a project, which aims to improve delivery monitoring and route navigation in 15 offices across the world. He has made the following notes to ensure that he selects the most appropriate investigation techniques:

1. Must collect key requirements cost-effectively from all offices.
2. Must record details of the problems I discover and how they relate to each other.
3. Must ensure that confidential business information is obtained from the project sponsor.

Which set of techniques should the business analyst select?


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An Examination Board (EXB) intends to implement online marking. Candidate scripts will be scanned in to marking software and marked via the Internet by assessors working in their own homes all over the world. Every assessor has attended a training course at EXB headquarters, during which they marked some sample scripts. The marking software has been tested using in-house staff and computer systems.

Staff at EXB want the online marking system to be successful. It will deliver fast, auditable marking from a diverse marking team. This is a key business objective for EXB.

However, when the marking system went live, it was found it to be slow and unreliable. Assessors complained of poor response times and of scripts 'going down' during the marking process. The marking system was withdrawn after one week and EXB reverted to manual marking while the problems were investigated.

Which aspect of the holistic approach was given insufficient attention in the online marking project?


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Jenny is the chairwoman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for her local school. She has suggested hosting a summer fair in the school playground to raise funds for a reward trip planned for students who have made exceptional improvements to their grades over the last year.

Raymond is the headmaster of the school. Although he is generally supportive and grateful for the work the PTA do (and he knows it pays to remain on good terms with them) he is uncomfortable about the proceeds from the fair only being used to reward a few students. He is due to meet with Jenny next week to talk about her idea.

Which two marked positions on the stakeholder power/interest grid below represent Jenny and Raymond?


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Fiona and John run a successful online jewelry business. They are currently considering expansion plans.

Fiona feels that the business needs to take on more staff so that they can make more jewelry. Some of this will be sold online, but other jewelry will be custom made for large retail shops. Fiona believes that this is a large, unexploited market.

John agrees that the business needs to take on more staff to make more jewelry but feels that they should focus on selling standard jewelry online as they understand this market. He believes that growth can be achieved in this area through better marketing.

In which area of CATWOE do their perspectives conflict?


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Harry and Theo are in the process of completing their business plan for a new venture. They plan to convert an old warehouse in the center of a city into a set of 'work pods', which are small but well-equipped offices, bookable by the hour via an automated online system.

Harry believes that these work pods should be aimed at the local student market because he is aware that there is a lack of workspace in universities based in the city. He would like to approach universities to see if they are interested in a special deal.

Theo feels that they should focus on city-based financial companies, who are always looking for flexible office space to hold meetings with potential investors.

On which element of CATWOE are Harry and Theo unable to agree?


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ABC clothing was founded in 2008 by accounting graduates Rose Cox and Andy Kee. They focused on sourcing high-quality clothes from local suppliers, which they sold online through an innovative website. Marketing was targeted at young, high-income individuals who could afford the clothes on offer and who also had little time for conventional shopping.

To keep overheads low and focus on the business, all non-core functions, such as payroll, accounting and legal support, were outsourced to specialist providers.

A business analyst has been commissioned to undertake a CATWOE analysis of the company.

Which of the following statements about ABC clothing describes a ‘transformation’ in this analysis?


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Project Beta is concerned with implementing a new reporting tool to replace a current system, which is being decommissioned. Brian is the manager of one of the reporting areas affected by the project. He has suggested to the project team that the new tool should include some new and innovative features. Brian's views have been largely disregarded until now; however, he has just been promoted to become head of business reporting.

The Project Beta project team need to understand the impact this will have on the project.

What should the Project Beta team revise first?


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Barry is the voluntary leader of a local youth community action group, which works to improve the prosperity and prospects of young people in the community where he lives. Some of this work is in conjunction with a team of trained youth counsellors, who provide guidance on problems such as substance misuse, relationships and education. This guidance is often given in partnership with local schools and the police.

The local youth community action group is a registered charity and must abide by the rules of the government's Charity Commission, the body that regulates charities in the country.

From Barry's perspective, who would be the customer in a CATWOE analysis of this situation?


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All banks in a country are regulated by the Financial Fairness Authority (FFA) who ensure that consumers of financial services are properly advised and protected. The FFA has the power to fine or suspend banks that do not adhere to its standards.

Ali works in a bank regulated by the FFA. She is part of a project team developing a financial product aimed at people who have had debt problems in the past. The FFA has been consulted and has responded enthusiastically. It believes that the new product will offer a valuable service to people who have difficulty in managing debt. However, the FFA is also concerned that the new product might expose the bank to high levels of unsecured lending.

Ali is drawing up a stakeholder management strategy for the project.

How should the FFA be managed?


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The country of Etopia has many public libraries and each one has a chief librarian, who heads a team of professionally qualified librarians who assist library users. Many of the librarians belong to the Etopian Library Union, a trade union that negotiates salary rises and changes in the employment terms and conditions of its members. However, the cost of providing these libraries and library services is increasing.

Consequently, a project team has been set up to undertake a comprehensive review of library services and how they are funded. The closure, or partial closure, of certain libraries is being considered, as is a reduction in the number of librarians employed in each library. It has also been proposed that library users should pay for certain services. Some library users have already posted messages on social media condemning this proposal.

A stakeholder management strategy is being developed for the project.

Which of the following stakeholders should be kept informed?


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Prince is a business analyst developing a consensus Business Activity Model (BAM). The BAM relates to a new business idea, which his organization hopes will revolutionize the market for sunscreen. He has made the following list of potential activities for the BAM on a set of sticky notes:

A) Determine the range of skin types to focus on.
B) Appoint a testing laboratory.
C) Agree on the range of human subjects for the pilot phase.
D) Establish pilot performance measurements.
E) Advertise the new range of products.

Which of the these will become planning activities when the BAM is constructed?


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A business analyst is working with a set of stakeholders to develop a consensus Business Activity Model (BAM). They have reached agreement on the doing activity for their model, which is 'sell cosmetics'; they have also agreed on 'define range of products' and 'define target customers' as appropriate planning activities.

What are appropriate enabling activities for this BAM?


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Jameela has facilitated a workshop with several business stakeholders, with the intention of building a consensus Business Activity Model (BAM) for a new insurance product. She made the following notes in the workshop:
  • Sell insurance policies.
  • Train claims advisors.
  • Advertise new range of policies.
  • Evaluate sales performance.
  • Appoint new legal advisor.

How many of each type of business activities can Jameela identify from these notes?


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The following statements have been made about the consensus Business Activity Model (BAM).

A) A model of what the business system should look like.
B) Used in gap analysis.
C) Shows the events that affect the business system.
D) Contains the processes of the current system.
E) Resolves stakeholder conflicts in perspective.

Which of the statements are true?


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A global telecommunications company has decided to enter the mobile phone retail market. It now intends to sell own-brand mobile phones. A business activity model (BAM) is being constructed to reflect the perspective of the newly appointed director of the mobile phone division. The BAM will show the dependencies between these activities- five of them are given below:

A) Sell mobile phones.
B) Recruit staff.
C) Define staffing needs.
D) Define target customers.
E) Agree on product range.
F) Manufacture mobile phones.

What are the dependencies between these activities?


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EcoBox is a publicly traded manufacturer of packaging products. Like all public limited companies, EcoBox pays dividends to its shareholders out of its after-tax profit. Most of its shares are owned by pension funds, who invest their members’ money to produce financial returns that will fund future pensions for their members. These pension funds are looking for growth in the share price and high, regular, dividends from the companies they invest in.

The managing director of EcoBox wishes to expand the factory and install new equipment. To raise the money to do this, the company will need to offer more shares. He hopes that most of the existing shareholders will purchase these shares.

What will be the doing activity in a Business Activity Model of EcoBox, drawn from the managing director’s business perspective?


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A Business Activity Model (BAM) has been developed for the chief executive of a sports center. He has agreed that the doing activity in the BAM is ‘provide sports facilities’. The BAM also includes the following activities (with a further explanation):

A) Order equipment (for the sports center).
B) Advertise facilities (showing what the sports center offers).
C) Assess use of facilities (who is using the facilities and how often).
D) Check financial performance (actual costs and income against budgeted costs and income).

Which of these activities is linked to a control activity?


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A council has a payroll software system that automatically pays employees at the end of each month. Employees are paid a net amount, which is their gross earnings minus their tax liability. This tax liability is calculated by the payroll system using the tax rules provided by central government.

Within seven days after the end of each month, the payroll officer must print out a summary report and send it to the central government tax authority. This report lists the gross income of each employee and their net income after tax.

The government periodically changes the tax rules. These amendments must be entered immediately into the system by the payroll officer to ensure that the correct deductions are made in the next month's payroll.

How many events, and of what type, are described in this scenario?


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Ashley is a business analyst working at a clothing company. She has interviewed four of the senior managers in the company; the sales manager, the financial controller, the design director and the quality controller and is now constructing a Business Activity Model (BAM) for each of these managers. One of the BAMs has the following thread of activities:
  • Outlining the broad product range (Planning activity)
  • Recruiting the very best fashion students (Enabling activity)
  • Creating innovative, exciting clothes (Doing activity)
  • Monitoring comments from the fashion press (Monitoring activity)

Whose business perspective is this most likely to be?


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One of the high-level activities on a consensus Business Activity Model for a school is ‘recruit teachers’. Five of the events that affect the business system are given below:

A) An approved request is received from a head of department for a new teacher.
B) The end of the school year.
C) Updated legal requirements are issued for security background checks on job applicants.
D) Government requests are received for an analysis of the qualifications of teachers currently employed.
E) Revised criteria are received for shortlisting candidates for interview.

Which of these events would affect the high-level activity ‘recruit teachers’?


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CocaoLoco makes chocolate using fairly traded sugar and cocao beans. The cost of this chocolate is quite high, and sales have recently fallen. Arturo, a business analyst, has undertaken a business review and has suggested that CocoaLoco should source cheaper ingredients, even though these may not be fair trade accredited.

CocoaLoco's management has rejected his suggestion as it is against their values. They have always insisted on fair trade ingredients and are not prepared to change.

Which type of business rule reflects the management's values?


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A debate is taking place in a project team about the principles of gap analysis:

Roberto believes that gap analysis considers the gap between the current IT system and the ‘to-be’ process models; comparing what happens now to what will happen in the future.

Tara disagrees. She feels that the gap is between what happens now ('as is') and the activities defined in the Business Activity Model (BAM).

Jim has another view. He feels that the gap is between the 'to be' model (what will happen in the future) and the BAM (what would have happened in the future if all desired activities could have been feasibly implemented).

Faye has a different interpretation. She believes that the gap is between the ‘to-be’ model and the functions of the software package selected to implement that model.

Who is correct?


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The following is an extract from the terms and conditions found on the website of Finn's Accessories, an online retailer:

I) Access to certain areas of this website is restricted. Finn's Accessories reserves the right to restrict access to areas of this website, or indeed this entire website, at its discretion.
II) This website must not be used for any marketing purposes, without the express written consent of Finn's Accessories.
III) Finn's Accessories follows the legal requirements as stipulated in the Data Protection Act at all times when requesting or handling your information, and we ensure that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully.

Which of the following statements is true?


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A business analyst has identified the need to focus on the following as part of a process redesign project he is working on:
  • The importance of considering enterprise architecture when planning any changes.
  • The impact of any proposed changes on staff morale.
  • The need to continually reinforce the shared values defined in the mission statement.
  • The need to terminate current legacy system maintenance agreements as soon as possible.

Which element of POPIT do these issues not affect?


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Gregor is in the process of putting together the financial section of a business case for a new initiative, which seeks to revolutionise his organization's checkout system. Just as he had made a table to consider the payback profile, he received a call from the software vendor. The vendor indicated that they gave him the wrong software purchase price for the project and that it should have been quoted as 150,000, not the 200,000 highlighted in the table below:

When Gregor makes this amendment, in which year will the project break even?


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The management summary of a company's business case contains the following:

'We recommend the preferred option, on the basis that this includes the cost of purchasing the vending machines outright. It will pay for itself by year three. There is a chance that the vending machine manufacturer will go out of business and we won't be able to service the machines, but we consider this to be unlikely. We feel that being able to provide our staff with good quality food and drink at any time of day will improve job satisfaction.'

Which of the following features of a business case are being described in this extract?


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Midshires University has decided to completely change its business model. It wants to move from being a conventional university with buildings and lecturers to an online university, with students taking its e-learning based courses from all over the world. In addition, research, except for research into online learning and assessment, will no longer be a priority. Assessments will still be undertaken by the university, but they will be administered by third-party suppliers at secure assessment centres throughout the world.

Several issues need to be included in the business case for this proposed change. These include:

A) The need to recruit people with assessment rather than teaching skills.
B) The cost of making a significant number of lecturers redundant.
C) The establishment of agreements with assessment centres.
D) The problems associated with a breach of assessment security.
E) The changes required in faculty structures to reflect changes in research priority.

Which of these would be documented in the impact assessment section of the business case?


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A trainee business analyst has been asked to produce a business case for a new project. However, he is unsure when he should develop the first draft of this document and asks a more experienced colleague about best practice.

When will the experienced colleague advise that the business case should be drafted?