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This is the EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner Bridge (ASPOB.EN) sample exam. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is correct.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 20. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. You need 13 points or more to pass the exam.

The time allowed for this exam is 45 minutes.

Good luck!

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In a Scrum team, which accountability does not belong to the Product Owner?


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The Product Owner of a production company is receiving negative feedback from the customer during every meeting they have. The customer keeps complaining that the Product Owner is not delivering what was asked for.

What should the Product Owner do to help improve the product’s success?


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The internal Scrum team of a large bank is preparing their first sprint review. They will show the business team the first functionality of a service they are building.

The Developers suggest that the Product Owner provides an account of the work they have done and demonstrates the functionality. They argue that the Product Owner is the voice of the customer (VoC) and speaks the language of the business. The Developers find themselves too technical.

The Scrum Master, on the other hand, suggests that the Developers show their work themselves. This way, they can explain the functionality and answer questions immediately. The Scrum Master and the Product Owner will be present in the during the meeting.

How should the sprint review be structured?


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An effective product goal is a key aspect to create customer value in Scrum.

Which critical question must be answered to create an effective product goal?


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Amitola Company wants to create a new vendor portal that will allow the vendors to interact with the company better. They need to create a product goal for the vendor portal.

The Product Owner leads a meeting to develop the product goal. She must make sure all stakeholders agree on the product goal. The product goal is essential for driving the product development in the right direction.

During the meeting, they should first get a clear view of the vision for the vendor portal.

Why is this so important?


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In Scrum, there is no commitment to features unless they are actively in progress. However, customers can find it challenging to commit to product development and provide a budget without having an idea of the product. It can therefore be helpful to show a product roadmap to customers.

What is the best way to create a product roadmap?


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An agency for digital communication is developing a travel platform for one of its clients. The user of the travel platform should be able to book flights, hotel rooms and rental cars on the same platform. User stories are discovered, decomposed, and refined throughout the entire project.

The following user stories are ready:
- As a business traveler, I only want to see available business hotels, to be able to choose a hotel in a fast and efficient way.
- As a leisure traveler, I want to choose a fixed date for my flight, to be able to start travelling as soon as I am on vacation.
- As a leisure traveler, I want to organize my entire trip on a single platform, to be able to save time.

Which user story should be identified as an epic?


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Günter is new to working as a Product Owner. He is unsure how to handle non-functional requirements in the product backlog.

He decomposes the non-functional requirements in a way similar to functional requirements: when they become important. When a task that is tied to the non-functional requirement is done, he removes the non-functional requirement from the product backlog.

Günter soon realizes that when he removes stories with non-functional requirements from the product backlog, he often has to add them again later.

What is the best way to handle non-functional requirements?


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A team is new to Scrum. They are discussing how to prioritize non-functional requirements and functional requirements. Functional requirements are the business-related requirements.

How should the non-functional requirements be prioritized?


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Which Scrum artefact must be updated most often?


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Software4You is a software as a service (SaaS) provider. The company has used Scrum for a while.

Currently, tested features are handed over from development to operations. This sometimes causes substantial delays between completing a sprint and releasing the features. Operations often retests software with their own requirements and finds bugs. All new approved features are released in the quarterly release.

Software4You wants to change this, because their customers demand improvements, bug fixes, and new features more frequently.

What is the best way to increase the value delivery frequency?


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A company is working on a large product. They are using a Nexus team setup to get the work done. The product backlog must be scaled across multiple Scrum teams.

How is this done within a Nexus?


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In large projects, multiple Scrum teams can collaborate on the same product.

How should the product backlog be scaled?


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Vine Industries is a hip software development company that writes customized apps for companies of all types and sizes. Vine Industries often has a complex development environment and time to market is critical for their customers.

Developers of several Scrum teams work together on delivering value. Several Scrum teams may work on a product for a single customer together. There are often dependencies between features developed by different teams. The customers discover new requirements after every sprint.

What is a good approach for working in a complex Scrum environment?


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Company SHIELD is working on a new in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that will replace the outdated one currently in use. This system will provide functionality throughout the company and will be used in all 30 countries where SHIELD is doing business.

The company uses the traditional way of scaling Scrum. Since the ERP system is composed of five subsystems, the company decides to use a component team approach and appoints five Product Owners. Each of them supports one of the Scrum teams that will be working in parallel on each subsystem. A chief Product Owner is appointed to coordinate the project.

When planning the project, the teams propose to create one product backlog for each component as it will be easier to maintain and use. The chief Product Owner objects the proposition, stating that there should be only one product backlog.

Given this scenario, what should be decided about the product backlog?


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A Scrum team works hard but does not know if the work done results in valuable features.

In order to help the team, the Scrum Master decides to do the following:

1. Help the Scrum team understand the need for clear and concise product backlog items
2. Ensure the Product Owner knows how to arrange the product backlog to maximize value
3. Ensure the Product Owner clearly explains the delivered value at the sprint review
4. Lead and coach the organization in its Scrum adoption

Which combination of actions results in optimizing business value?


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Vine Solutions is a USA-based company that creates custom software for other businesses. They have the business goal to grow the business internationally. To support this goal, they need to expand their online presence.

The Product Owner has drafted several product goals.

Which product goal best supports Vine Solutions’ business goal?


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12Bike is a bike courier company. They want to improve their digital platform to help speed up the onboarding of new bike couriers.

12Bike outsources this work to a software company. The software company uses Scrum.

The financial manager of 12Bike wants to calculate the return on investment (RoI) to get an indication of how much value the project brings.

Does calculating the RoI give the information the manager needs?


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What is the best way to develop an intimate understanding of customer and user needs?


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When communicating with stakeholders, it can be helpful to define a minimal marketable product (MMP). This gives stakeholders something real to discuss.

What is an MMP?