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This is the VeriSM™ Professional (VERISMP.EN) sample exam. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is correct.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 30. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. You need 19 points or more to pass the exam.

The time allowed for this exam is 90 minutes.

You are allowed to use the exam literature for this exam. Please click on the link to open it. If you close the exam literature, use the Navigator button to go back to the Introduction (dot before question 1) and click on the link again.

Good luck!

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The digital age represents a fundamental socio-economic and behavioral shift. Each individual organization will view ‘the digital age’ differently.

Concerning digital transformation, what do all organizations need to consider?


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An insurance company wants to define their consumer outcomes more clearly. They want to understand consumer expectations and identify how things can be done better.

How can Value Stream Mapping (VSM) help them?


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A car factory heavily relies on their printing service when dealing with their suppliers:

- When a load of parts arrives the invoice of the supplier is printed and attached to the load.
- In the stock room the load is checked, the parts get a bar code and are registered in the inventory system.

The printing service is getting out-of-date though and fails on a regular basis. The stock room manager wants to reduce this Waste by allowing supplier access to the online resources used by their staff, so suppliers can generate the bar codes themselves.

Which digital transformation approach is described here?


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True digital transformation involves the establishment and maturity of key capabilities, without which sustained competitive advantage through continual transformation will not be possible.

A large retail bank is preparing a digital transformation program of change. The bank's strategic enablers include people, critical thinking, innovation, agility, information technology and finance. These strategic enablers are missing an important capability: consumer centricity.

What is the direct risk for the bank as a consequence of lacking this strategic capability?


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A manager has excellent technical knowledge and insights in new developments. He leads a team that provides internal services and often takes over to solve the team's problems, as he has the highest level of technical experience. The team he leads is not performing as well as expected.

What does the manager need to improve to help the team perform better?


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A team has difficulty collaborating, although their individual work is great. The team members do not always work at the same time and in the same place and they complain that the other team members send them too many emails. For a strategic initiative to be successful, they need to start collaborating more effectively.

What is the best way to increase collaboration in this team?


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The board of a small, paid social media app company has said it wants to be more consumer centric, so they can achieve long-term growth. Their main model of business is allowing individuals to do an in-app purchase that rids them of any advertisements.

Sales sees a good opportunity for growth by catering to the needs of advertisers, by creating opportunities for subtle ads, even after the consumers purchased the ads-free version of the app. This would create a whole additional revenue stream, and, according to Sales, it would not negatively impact the user experience as the ads are very subtle.

Does implementing the subtle ads comply with the approach defined by the board?


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A cinema is in the middle of a digital transformation. Instead of having their own projectors, they are transitioning to leasing a LED-based projection service that they can pay for per hour. Some of the employees are already familiar with the new system. The CEO proposes to only let those employees who are familiar with the new system work with the new projectors.

Is this a good idea?


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An international consultancy agency has conducted a PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) analysis to understand the external factors affecting their business. Several emerging and prevailing technological practices were identified that could benefit their service management capability and maturity.

In which EDM activity is this taking place?


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A large company selling posters and frames understands that they need to keep up with the competition. They are investigating how added services can enhance their current products. They decide to perform a SWOT analysis, with input from internal stakeholders to substantiate their choices.

What is the main risk regarding the outcome of the SWOT analysis?


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A baking factory, EatNow, creates frozen products for bakers. The bakers can finish the product in their shops. The baking factory is looking to expand. They would like to merge with a competitor. They have a steady stream of revenue from current consumers and a large amount of savings.

One of the competitors that is interested in merging, is another baking factory WeBake. WeBake is not doing well, because of their remote location. Therefore, they are forced to either merge with a competitor, or sell their factory. WeBake has a large bakery factory, which could help EatNow grow their output capacity, so they can keep up with increases in demand in the coming 10 years.

It is unsure whether new customers can be attracted to buy the frozen products if EatNow increases their production now. In addition, if EatNow switches entirely to the WeBake factory, transport of frozen goods may become more expensive. However, despite these potential issues, EatNow management decides to go ahead with the merger and enters into negotiations with WeBake.

What does EatNow show by merging with WeBake?


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A small cloud service provider wants to grow their business. The company gets a great opportunity to onboard a new and large customer. However, the customer requires a self-service feature in the system, which allows them to adapt their service needs per month. This opportunity expires in two weeks.

The cloud service provider has change management procedures in place. These procedures have been developed based on the Service Management Principles of the organization. The Service Management Principles are based on the organization’s need for a high level of stability, with a low risk appetite.

If a change creates an issue, the deployment is automatically reverted to the last stable state of the service. The team has difficulty introducing the highly desired feature into the service. The service keeps reverting to the last stable state when introducing the new feature. A team member suggests bypassing this change management procedure and manually adapt the production environment to force the feature into the system, so they can onboard the new customer in time.

What should be the recommendation in this situation?


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A large organization has set up a task force to map the most important value streams in the organization. These value streams will be used to create an organizational portfolio, which will help the organization to keep focus on what is important in an upcoming merger.

What must happen to ensure that the organizational portfolio is successfully implemented after the merger?


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A new online marketplace allows consumers to buy from each other and sell their goods online. The value stream map shows the currently available service, which is a simple service that allows consumers to create advertisements. They are developing ways to allow a consumer to make their advertisement stand out, but management is not sure which ways will work for the consumers.

One of the team members asks for time to work on a feature that will allow a consumer to make their advertisement appear larger than others, for a day.

Does this service fit the value proposition of the organization?


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The printing service of a municipality is outdated and not functioning consistently. Several improvements to the service have been suggested ranging from technology updates to innovative methods of delivering the information.

How should improvements be handled within the VeriSM™ model?


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A railway company wants to introduce a new service to anticipate delays and inform passengers about them.

Once the service is implemented, the organization wishes to measure the use of the service, as well as some other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) it is not using now, to see the impact of the new service. In addition, they want to use this new project to further mature their DevOps way of working from a single pilot to the standard way of working.

The Management Mesh looks as follows:

What type of view is this?


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A university has approved the development of an interactive intake program. As students join the program, they are given access to an online software application that monitors their study efforts and subjects. The application can be accessed via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Evaluate the following plans for developing the organizational view of the Management Mesh to support this new initiative.

Which plan follows VeriSM™ guidance?


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An art gallery has been very successful in the past year. They own a website that runs on their private server. This is becoming very expensive. To comply with consumer demand, they need to accommodate more visitors to the website at any given time than is possible with the current IT architecture. The IT manager proposes to move the hosting of the website to a cloud provider.

What should be done before providing advice in this case?


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An external consultant has been invited to facilitate a meeting with a multidisciplinary team. The objective of the team is to reach an agreement on the preferred approach when considering and selecting practices and technologies in the construction of the Management Mesh.

The input from Finance shows that there is enough investment budget, as long as there is a solid business case for the chosen practice or technology. The input from Development shows they would like to work in a different way and become more self-steering. The input from Operations shows that the team does well in minimizing risks, which keeps all options for technologies open. The input from Management shows that they prefer a technological solution over a new management approach.

While creating the Management Mesh, what is the best approach to choose appropriate management practices and technologies?


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A bank would like their customers to switch from printed bank statements to downloadable statements within the next few months. The new service has the following high-level requirements to make it successful:

- The IT architecture must be updated to support the digital transformation.
- Customers need 24/7 access to their statements.
- Privacy must be guaranteed.
- A mobile app must be developed to support the digital transformation.

What supports this new service best?


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A travel agency 'TravAg' wants to grow their business. They have been able to save a significant amount of capital to invest. Their mission is to be a state-of-the-art travel agency. In order to attain this goal, they have identified four strategic initiatives:

1. Create a mobile app to facilitate consumer bookings.
2. Diversify the target group by including teen group travels.
3. Merge with a smaller competitor to gain market share.
4. Allow self-service bookings by consumers.

While creating the current state Management Mesh, the currently available resources must be assessed by TravAg.

Which question will help them identify the currently available resources?


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An online gaming company wants to move to developing games that are accessible on all devices, including all mobile devices. They want to change to a DevOps way of working, which requires changing the organizational culture too. To be successful, they need to extend their use of cloud technologies and virtualization. In order to do this, they need to plan some budget for new technology and hire someone to ensure a smooth transition during this digital transformation.

Which Management Mesh shows the desired state for this company?


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A consultant has her own online parenting consulting service. Parents can ask her anything through a website with a form. She offers them either a training course sent by e-mail, or a personalized series of video chats.

She has created the following desired state Management Mesh.

Which story for digital transformation fits most closely with this Management Mesh?


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1-2-Web is a company that allows people to purchase a simple website template to build their own website. The company does not host websites, but simply delivers the html or php template for a website. Customers can either choose from existing templates or request a custom template.

For a new custom template, one of the customers has clear requirements. The template should work well with mobile devices and on all operating systems. It should be built in the exact style of their current website, so it is a seamless make-over. A pre-defined number of roles should have access to the content management system of the website.

A full list of requirements is given to 1-2-Web to develop the new website template.

Of which type of requirements gathering is this an example?


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A company has the following sourcing policy:

Obtain all supplies, equipment and services at the lowest cost, as long as they meet or exceed the consumer's needs. The more sustainable or socially responsible company must be chosen to meet our own corporate social responsibility commitments.

The decision process is based on the capability, capacity and historical performance of the supplier.

They are looking for a new cloud service provider, that will support custom changes to the service quickly.

Which of the four bids should this company choose, based on its sourcing policy?


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A company that offers a new ride-sharing app has the following organizational strategy:

Within 3 years, we want at least 50% of the market share in ride-sharing, with at least a 4-star average rating of consumer service.

Currently, consumers are complaining about the billing process. Furthermore, competitors are creating new services on their websites by making it possible for consumers to share online reviews of the ride-sharing experience.

The development team wants to work on the website first, because they feel that this is a smaller project.

Is this a good choice?


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A market research company wants to be an international leader in research within 15 years. The strategy is to focus on growth. Management is preparing a promising merger with a competitor which is located in another country.

Meanwhile at headquarters, the following issues impacting the Produce stage have been identified:

- gaps in compliance with the new data protection regulation
- data collection systems need major upgrades to remain competitive. Due to enterprise-wide testing, a large bid was recently lost
- the budget for the coming year is not clear to the managers
- a number of researchers have been trained in using new software, and as a result they missed deadlines

On the bright side, the company has received a 5-star rating from a large government organization which also promised to do their next large research with the company. Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Does the current Produce environment support the organizational strategy?


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A manufacturer of heavy machinery wants to implement the technology to monitor and predict maintenance needs of the produced machines, specifically Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. This is a major change of strategy for them.

To analyze the gaps between their current state and the desired state they first want to focus on external environment influences.

Which model is most suitable to perform the gap analysis?


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An international bank supplying loans to small enterprises was an early adopter of digital services. Now that they want to expand their market, they need to rationalize a range of IT offerings. Included in the analysis are redundant IT organizations and data centers. Efforts to integrate or consolidate the redundancies have had mixed success.

C-suite managers have concluded that a different approach is required. The aim is to match future IT provision, including the data centers, with the bank's strategic developments. By using the Burke-Litwin model, the C-suite managers expect they can better deal with the changes.

When using the Burke-Litwin model for the above scenario, what should the bank do next?


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A company that offers a digital wallet allows consumers to pay each other through the app. During their start-up phase, duplicate applications and technology solutions were deployed. This practice has now stopped, but some of the problems remain.

The CEO wants a sourcing policy that defines practices for sourcing decisions, rationalizing services and managing uncontrolled growth.

What should be done to align the sourcing policy to the organizational strategy?