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This is the EXIN Agile Business Professional (ABP.EN) sample exam. The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

This exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has a number of possible answers, of which only one is correct.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this exam is 30. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. You need 20 points or more to pass the exam.

The time allowed for this exam is 90 minutes.

Good luck!

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Which is not a desired behavior for Agile teams?


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Eleni is a manager. She is very interested in Agile because the world of business moves fast these days and is asking herself what should change from the current way of working to become Agile.

She comes across a question that should help change part of the business’ mindset:

What should we constantly aspire to as we do the work?

Which element of the Agile mindset does this question address?


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A team is frustrated about not being able to get the work done they have planned. After some investigation and data collection during a few iterations, they find the following:

- Around 40% of the team’s actual work is unplanned
- All unplanned and short-notice requests come from upper management
- Upper management also expects planned work to get done within original time frames

In this scenario, how can the team use continuous improvement to move forward?


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During three successive daily meetings the same impediment has been identified. There is a dependency on a third party that hinders the progress of various tasks of the team. No one has addressed the issue, because no one is responsible for the task ‘removing impediments.’

The team can continue their work for now, but input from the third party will be needed shortly. Therefore, the work may not progress as fast as planned and the goals for this iteration may not be achieved.

The team wants to make sure that the current iteration is still finished successfully. They also feel that they must make sure this scenario does not repeat in the future.

What is the best course of action for this team?


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Lara and Eric are discussing introducing Agile in the context of their organization. They have a disagreement on how to determine the new processes and other tactics.

Eric states that the new processes and tactics should be copied from another organization, a direct competitor, that has already undergone a successful Agile transformation.

Lara suggests that the organization should first establish their own new values and incorporate the Agile principles, and then base processes and tactics on that work.

Who is right and for which reason?


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A large doctors’ practice wants to establish medical support teams. The teams will be cross-functional: they will have a receptionist, a physical therapist, a general practitioner, and a psychologist working together.

Management has re-grouped their human resources to fit the new medical support teams. They have created a team space for each team to sit together in the same area of the building, introduced a Kanban board, and decided the team must meet every morning to discuss progress on the tasks.

Although the team feels overwhelmed and lost by this sudden change, they keep providing excellent care to their patients.

Is this organization demonstrating a good Agile mindset with its implementation?


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Company XYZ is a large car parts manufacturer and supplier and wants to become Agile. The CEO feels that Agile will be beneficial for the company, as it provides a way of getting things done faster. At the same time, he argues, Agile can reduce costs by applying the same processes and practices across all areas of the company.

Is XYZ ready to start an Agile transition now?


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The IT team of Company ABC has made a successful transition to the Agile way of working. One of the team members is trying to convince the marketing team to make the transition to Agile as well.

Some marketeers are very enthusiastic, while others are hesitant, because they associate Agile with the IT domain and they do not believe an Agile way of working will fit their team.

Why could Agile be useful for this marketing team as well?


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A company has chosen to do a small, but ambitious Agile experiment. The experiment will not cover all the team’s work. The team members will be regularly switching between the Agile experiment and the current way of working. They will maintain a highly visible plan board for the experiment.

Of which risk to the Agile experiment should the team be warned?


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A team works on many items at the same time but sets a limit on the number of items that an individual team member can work on at a time.

How does this practice reduce time to market and enhance quality?


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What are the essential parts of an Agile mindset in an organization?


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A team is experimenting with Agile. They have decided to use a simple plan board with three columns.

What is the purpose of visualizing the work?


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An organization forms teams based on them having the same specialty.

Is this a good idea?


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A legal team is feeling overwhelmed by requests from different parts of the organization. They continuously have to reprioritize work, because deadlines keep shifting. They want to improve their way of working, but also need to keep their sense of precision in their work.

Could this team benefit from Agile ways of working?


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A cat food factory has done a successful experiment with Agile. They have let the marketing team create blogs for the website that tie in with recent events. They now wish the marketing team to expand the Agile experiment to managing daily social media tasks as well. This means that the Agile experiment will be expanded by asking the team to take on a different type of work.

What is a challenge in this scenario?


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The company Bricks & Mortar decided to give Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) a go. Like many other organizations they often fail to achieve set objectives. They have realized that one of the main reasons is that there is no objective way to measure outcomes associated to the objectives set.

Bricks & Mortar found it fairly easy to translate their strategic intent and overall goals to a set of objectives, but they are finding it extremely hard to agree on what Key Results (KRs) should be used as a metric for each of the set objectives.

What should they do to reach an agreement quickly?


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Organizations use Agile because it enables them to be responsive to changing needs. New requirements are often identified while developing part of the solution. This means that sometimes changes must be made to work that is already done.

When new requirements emerge, what is the best way to handle changes to work that has already been done?


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Emilia is the manager at a data analysis software company. She has successfully introduced Agile into her organization.

Bill is the manager of a construction company and would also like to adopt Agile. He is trying to introduce the Agile way of working to his team. Bill wants to his team to learn from Emilia’s experiences and asks her to lead introductory workshops with his team.

Bill tells the team to copy the practices from Emilia’s team as closely as possible. The team is left to experiment with Agile after the workshop. A few weeks later, Bill’s team expresses doubts about adopting the Agile practices. The new way of working is not giving the results the team expected.

What should Bill have done differently?


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Company ABC has recently started initiatives with Agile ways of working. In Company ABC, different teams often share the same resources, and they have tried to manage projects visually using Kanban boards. The teams are not very good at keeping the current project management software up to date.

It also proves to be challenging to find a way to provide individual teams with visual information on their work-in-progress (WiP), while also showing the overall progress of all teams in higher-level projects and their key dependencies.

What is the best solution to solve this problem?


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After a short experiment, a team expresses some doubts about adopting Agile. The team successfully followed their old processes, but now struggles in unfamiliar territory. Their natural reaction is to reject the change as a failure or a bad idea.

The team views Agile as a set of prescriptive processes. They do not feel the freedom to do the work the way they used to, and the new way does not feel productive.

What should a next team meeting pay attention to?


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In any Agile adoption, there are many things that can go wrong. An example is cultural drift after some time of working Agile.

Which is the best approach to avoid pitfalls like cultural drift?


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A small company specialized in customized surfing gear is developing a set of operating principles to start an Agile experiment.

The company cares most about customer satisfaction and realizes customers may change their mind after seeing part of the work. They want to receive customer feedback often to keep the cost of change low. The company strongly believes that trained professionals should have the freedom to determine what to do first and how to do it.

Since the company is small, resources are limited and there are only a few managers. Each of them manages multiple teams.

Which set of operating principles fits this company best?


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Why is collaboration important for an Agile team?


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Company ZEBRA has effectively formed several Agile teams that have been working as a team for quite some time now. The management team wants to measure how the teams are doing, so they can give extra support to the teams that are struggling the most.

Which is the best approach to measuring the teams’ performance?


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How should Agile teams focus on a single outcome of value?


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Only few organizations can initially afford to permanently assign resources with different skills to an Agile initiative or even an iteration. In smaller companies, it may never be possible to get resources to concentrate on single-piece-flow work. This is often cited as a reason why Agile cannot work in a certain organization.

Is there a feasible manner to launch a pilot project, even without dedicated resources?


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A servant leader must keep growing and continuously improve their behavior to stay effective. Their words and actions will affect the culture of the organization they work in, whether intended or not.

Which characteristic facilitates a servant leader’s growth most?


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A team struggles with emergency requests that take priority over planned work.

What is the best way to deal with emergency requests?


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CBA Company is working on their first Agile experiment. The designated team has determined CBA Company's values, beliefs, and constraints, together with the board.

The team has set up a plan board and feels that it is working well. They have also broken down the first few tasks into small deliverables.

They have compiled a list of outcomes and have started to work on their first tasks very enthusiastically. As they start working on the first tasks, the team starts to feel a bit out of control. They cannot agree on which tasks are most important and should happen first.

In setting up their first workflow, which question should the team ask itself to regain control?


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In the first few months after a transition to Agile, visualization is a key element in helping new teams understand the new workflows.

Why is that?